How we buy

Order for tickets at SODEXO - on line or by downloading the application form here
After registration, within max. 48 hours (for online registration), you will receive a 12-digit customer number. With this number the customer can order titles.


Paper tickets

Paper tickets are mailed. For each hour performed, you must give your maid a ticket signed and the date of the day.
Be aware that for each ticket is lost or stolen a charge of 0.25 cents.

Electronic tickets

Are sent to your electronic portfolio.

The next day, after hours provided by your maid is recorded, you receive an email that you are asked to confirm titles.

For any questions about your registration and beyond, do not hesitate to contact us at the phone:
+32 (0) 486 021 622; +32 (0) 514 09 22; +32 (0) 674 931 36

Our team is at your disposal